Shred Fat with 5 easy to follow habits
Desperate to shred body fat but keep falling off your diet. In this eBook we detail the foods and lifestyle habits we use with professional athletes to keep them on track and in great shape.
  • Learn how to get real results using real food.
  • How to use your head to stay on track.
  • Why the environment you create can make or break your fat loss.
  • How important it is to surround yourself with the right people.
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Shaun Smith


“I have tried many food programs in the past but working with Paul was by far the best I have tried and certainly gave me the best results. He was on my case 24/7 and is a great person to work with. Whether you want to lose body fat or just for general health I would recommend Pro Nutrition Clinic 100%”

Boy Jones Jnr

Professional Boxer

“ I recommend Pro Nutrition Clinic to anyone who wants to sort out their diet and lifestyle.
The owner and coach, Paul, is responsible for my weight cut and fight camp nutrition. I always feel fully prepared come fight night and I couldn't ask for much more. ”
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